Meet the Feet

Both born and raised in Africa, David and Robyn Foot (the owners of Ride Botswana) have a love for exploring the wildest places of Africa on horseback.

David is recognized as one of Africa’s most experienced horseback safari guides. They have ridden with guests in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Together they have run their own horse safari operation since 1993, first in the Nyika National Park in Malawi and since 2008 their home has been in Botswana.

Here they are able to combine their love of horses with their love of the African wilderness.

Many of their horseback safaris are personally led by David who has over 30 years of guiding experience. If he is not available he will arrange another highly rated safari guide to lead your safari.

Our journey through Africa over the last 50 years has led us to settle in Botswana, a vast country of few people with endless wilderness and some of the highest concentrations of wildlife to be found anywhere on the continent.

The Foot Family

We have always believed that life in the African bush is a family affair and our two children, Julie (18) and Harry (16), have grown up in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

With their love and knowledge of nature and horses they provide wonderful companionship to the children who come on safari with us.

Foot family on horseback

Wilderness Conservation

A life in the safari world is integrally linked with the ongoing challenges of conserving Africa’s remaining wilderness areas and “The Feet” believe that everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to make their living in this way has a responsibility to immerse themselves in these difficult issues and contribute to a positive future.

In Malawi, which has some of the most threatened wildlife areas in Africa, David founded the Nyika-Vwaza Trust which continues to play a pivotal role in conserving two of Malawi’s most important wildlife areas.

In Botswana we are collaborating with the OKMCT (Okavango Kopano Mekoro Community Trust) on our Okavango Delta Ride.  This ride gives direct benefits to the local communities from the 6 villages that border this part of the Okavango Delta.

Conserving and protecting Africa’s wild spaces is a long-term endeavour and you too can make the difference. Just by visiting, and sharing your experiences of, Africa and its beauty, you are preserving the future of an Earth rich with diversity.

Here in Botswana we are developing safaris that in turn provide benefits to remote communities and wildlife.