The 6am alarm clock and subsequent commute to work no longer fills me with dread. I’ve swapped claustrophobia-inducing, sweaty-armpit-dodging tube rides for this: A morning ride down the tranquil Thamalakane river on the edge of the Okavango Delta. The journey from the Foot’s house to the stables takes 45minutes (30 if I’m running late or on one of the thoroughbreds!) and is just enough time to clear a bleary head from the sunrise wake-up before pulling into the yard – it’s an early start but my goodness is it worth it!

Early morning is a beautiful time to be down by the river, with the climbing sun shining through the mist that still hangs over the water. Beating the midday heat means that I beat the cows and goats which later descend to seek refuge in the shallow waters – much to the crocs delight! With the path clear of cattle I can race along the banks jumping logs and splashing through the water.