Thamalakane Daily Rides

Watching giraffes on a Thamalakane daily ride

Thamalakane Daily Rides

Imagine being on horseback within touching distance of a towering bull giraffe: picture riding alongside a herd of exquisitely marked gemsbok.

Within our wildlife reserve you may, and in the absence of dangerous wild animals here it is a truly perfect environment for everybody to ride and experience the bush – even if you have never been on a horse before! Our horses are calm, well-trained and perfectly relaxed around the wildlife.

Daily rides, led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide take place every morning and afternoon. These can last for one hour or can be an all day ride with a picnic lunch. If you are a complete novice rider we recommend one to two hours, but for those who are more experienced, why not consider a picnic breakfast ride or an all day ride.

The shorter excursions remain within the confines of the reserve though the longer rides, having spent a pleasant interval with the wildlife, venture further afield, meandering through traditional cattle posts before following the placid Thamalakane River further downstream. Here there is a good chance of seeing hippos and crocodiles, as well as an abundance of birdlife.

The picnic breakfast ride, approximately four hours, includes a full English breakfast served in the dense shade of a giant jackalberry tree. Meanwhile the all-day ride halts for lunch at the picturesque “junction”, where the river splits into the Nhabe and Botetle Rivers - the one heading for Lake Ngami, the other snaking its way out into the Kalahari sands.

A selection of hard riding hats is available.

Thamalakane Daily Rides

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