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Moonwalking in the Makgadikgadi


Moonwalking in the Makgadikgadi

It is magnificent, magical and somewhat mystical but most of all the
feeling of riding across the Makgadikgadi on horseback is
completely magnetic, especially in the winter when the salt pans are
at their driest. Nothing can quite match the rush you get when your
horse changes gear and speeds up into a gallop across the white
expanse in front of you. There is so much space, so much freedom
to just move, and  boy oh boy do you move! You know when they
say that movement is is probably the quickest way to warm yourself
up when you’re feeling cold? Well this is it. When your horse
eventually comes to a slow and then to a stand still, all you can
hear is it’s breath beneath you, all you can feel is the sweat
between your hands and the leather reins, all you can see is the
blue sky above you and the white expanse of salt pan around you –

it is only at that point that you feel warm, warm with the feeling of
adrenaline and peace at the same time as you realise that this is
possibly the most incredible place on earth and you’re right in it!


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