Family friendly travel with Ride Botswana

Family friendly travel with Ride Botswana

With travel starting to fully open up again, comes planning your next big
family holiday abroad and what could possibly beat an African adventure?!
With Africa being the second largest continent in the world, home to 54
countries, making the right holiday destination choice will no doubt be tough
but to make this choice a hundred times easier for you (without being bias),
we’re just going to say BOTSWANA!

Why Botswana? The reasons are endless. However, we are just going to
highlight one reason that we know will catch your eye and keep you reading.
Located on the banks of the Thamalakane River in Maun is an oasis called
Thamo Telele. This beautiful lodge is nestled away on a private game reserve
that is home to a variety of plains game such as giraffe, gemsbok, springbok,
kudu, zebra and ostrich. The lodge is tucked away under a cool canopy of tall
riverine trees making it wonderfully private and giving it a fantastic feeling of

Activities at Thamo Telele are not in short supply. A herd of about 40 horses
are stabled on the reserve and offer the perfect family activity if you’re staying
at the lodge or even if you’re just passing through Maun. There is a variety of
different horses to suit all varied riding abilities and of course our star ponies
who are completely bomb proof. Our local guides are there to guide you and
your family around the reserve on horseback, showing you all sorts of
interesting things and hopefully getting you right up close to some of the
wildlife. What’s great is that the wildlife have become extremely relaxed with
the horses over the years and allow you to get a lot closer to them than you
would be able to if you were in a vehicle or on foot.

We offer a variety of different rides from 1-2 hour rides to longer 3 night or 5
night excursions around the reserve and along the Thamalakane River. How
about a picnic day ride – all set up for you on the tranquil banks of the river…
you might even spot some hippos or a crocodile or two!

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