We thought it would be nice, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet, to introduce our Ride Botswana ladies. The safaris couldn’t happen without our four legged friends so it seems only fair that they get an individual shout out on our website! The ladies are somewhat out-numbered by the boys; 7 to 17 but my goodness can they hold their own and its certain that they run the yard.

So here we go…


Tina is mother to Niassa. She is one of the few well mannered chesnut mares out there and she is brilliant at teaching young children and beginners how to ride. She  has also been on many of the Foot’s adventures – making the long trip down from Malawi to Maun. Tina came from Zimbabwe and was not bred for safaris but took to them like a duck to water and as a result hasn’t been far from the Ride Botswana action.


Showgirl in her day was an absolute superstar and fantastic all-rounder. She is the only one who has safaried in all three countries, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Showgirl did her first work with Max Carew in Zimbabwe for Carew safaris. She helped teach the junior Foots how to ride and has been part of the family for many years. She enjoys the quiet life these days (or not so quiet when she has noisy children riding her) cruising around the grounds of the Royal Tree Lodge. Few guests who ride her don’t make demands for her to return home with them.


Teemane is the daughter of Sangalawe and Spartacus. The youngest member of the herd and our little princess. Teemane is almost three and is just getting taller and taller! She is a sweety and took to being ridden seamlessly – we have high hopes that she is going to make a cracking safari horse.


Cheyne is another one of our home-bred youngsters from Sangalawe and Spartacus. It has taken some hard work but Cheyne is starting to bloom and went on her first safari this year! She is learning to work in an outline and now rides out confidently on her own.


Sangalawe is now the mum of the herd; she has bred both Teemane and Cheyne. She is one of the Foots old timers having come with them all the way from Zimbabwe to Malawi and down to Botswana. She’s been through the wars old Sangalawe; when she was pregnant she got in between a male Eland and his herd, the Eland gored her in the stomach and it was touch and go as to whether she and her foal at the time – Cheyne – were going to make it. However she pulled through and now enjoys the quiet life living at the house stables.


Tina and Spartacus are the parents of our ‘middle child’ youngster Niassa. Its safe to say Niassa has some serious sass and cheeky as anything! Don’t be fooled by that look of innocence! She is always the one last in from the field because she’s been hiding or trying to steal food out of the feed room. She is coming along with her schooling and has taken to hacking well – quite happy for a chilled ride around the Royal Tree Lodge.


Rubes is a princess – our black beauty. Ruby is new to Ride Botswana and we can’t help feel has added a touch of class and elegance to the stables! She is still fairly green in the arena but is hacking out well. She came from big city Gabs but is already fitting into bush life and has taken brilliantly to coming into contact with the Tree Lodge’s wildlife.

So that makes up the ladies of the herd…watch this space for the boys appearance!