So now the ladies have had their formal introduction it is time for the boys! Again we owe so much to our Ride Botswana horses and the boys can be described as nothing less than exceptional. It is not easy to find competent safari horses and our boys go above and beyond expectations. Whilst (like all horses!) they can have their moments we would not swap them for the world! So prepare yourself, as its a long list, but well worth meeting them all!

First up…


With a name like ‘Spartacus’ you have to be a big, strong, beast of a horse and our boy ticks all those boxes. Spartacus was purchased as a young Clydesdale stallion by Robyn as a present for David’s birthday. I think it was safe to say that the gift was met with a mixture of emotions, a lot of excitement sure, he’s a fine horse but perhaps an underlying current of foreboding! Spartacus went on to father three of our young fillies before it was decided that perhaps he was better off retiring to the quiet life of a gelding. He is still the resident boss of the herd, heaven forbid one of the other boys sniffs one of his mares, but he is now one of our most trusted and reliable horses, phased by very little.


Frankie is also a new boy and he’s a star. Previously a competing show jumper, he knows how to strut his stuff in the arena. He is fab to ride and jumps like a dream. Frankie also looks after you, he makes you feel confident jumping and has taken several of our grooms over their first ever jump and is helping to teach them about working effectively in an outline. We have high hopes he is going to be a great all-rounder and it won’t be long until he’s on the pans!


Our poster boy and David’s most prized possession. The handsome boy is an incredible lead horse; brave, agile and responsive – he has lead many a successful trip across the pans and he doesn’t look half bad in a sunset either!


Kambuku is our steady Eddy. This gorgeous boy is not only lovely to look at but an absolute sweetheart who takes care of his riders. Very little can rattle Kambuku who enjoys an easy pace of life! He is the perfect horse for back up and so often the rides across the pans are both lead and finished by an appaloosa – like a pair of hooved book-ends.


Speed-Bomb – better known as Speedy-B – is the grandfather of the herd. He is one of our most trusted rides and is perfect for giving guests their first ever horse experience. It is also great to see peoples’ faces when they’re told that they’re going to be riding Speed-Bomb. We have to mention very quickly that nowadays the name is somewhat ironic!


Robyn first saw Chesnut when she was shopping in town. A local farmer had ridden him to the shops, thrown his reins over his head and left him standing in among the bustling retail activity of Maun whilst attending to business. Seeing Chesnut’s chilled out attitude towards the situation Robyn decided this is a horse she could do with. With no messing around a deal was cut there and then and Chesnut was with us a few days later! He is tough as nails, a true local horse and great fun to ride.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is another of David’s horses that has been with him since his days in Malawi. Bonj is the biggest gentleman. He is an ex-racehorse and boy can he shift but he is also impeccably well mannered despite his thoroughbred lines! Bon Jovi has such an incredible story which is told best by David himself – its well worth a read.

Ghost Wind

Ghost is quick, strong and reliable. He is a lot of fun to ride and makes a fab safari horse who is not scared of anything. He loves going to the pans for a good gallop and tries his best to keep up with Bon Jovi!

Griffin and Dargle

These two are cheeky chappies – our very own Kray twins. Grifto the pocket rocket. This horse is a sweety – bursting with enthusiasm and always eager to please – he can sing a great tune for a confident rider. Dargle is transforming slowly into a dressage diva with great rhythm and paces – he can sure bust some fab shapes in the arena!


Our resident hunk. Velocity stands at just over 16H with legs to die for. He is still quite green in the arena as his training was interrupted several times in his early years due to injuries and a puff adder bite to the nose! However, he is a fast learner (despite the odd sulky teenager strop!) and is coming along nicely; starting to enhance and open out his naturally comfortable strides.


The local celebrity. Rarely do you get a horse that you can find so few faults in but Dupfrie comes pretty close. Not only is he a fab safari horse; forward going, brave and ridiculously photogenic but also a real character on the ground too. Dupfrie always wants to be involved in whatever you’re doing and loves to be the centre of attention. For example when he travels in the truck he has to be loaded facing away from the aerial or he decides that it makes a great chew toy for the rest of the journey and when he has no aerials to chew he hangs his head over the side of the lorry catching the wind in his face just like a dog. Dupfrie also has many claims to fame having starred in Taylor Swift’s – Wildest Dreams – music video, taken Lucinda Green on holiday (featured above) and been part of many a photoshoot in the Makgadikgadi.


Socks is another of our ‘local’ horses. Having come from the Haineveld, he boasts an impressive scar from a cheetah attack on his front left shoulder. It was a close call but Socks lived to tell the tale and pursue his career as one of our most valued safari horses. He looks after his riders and his relaxed attitude has won over the hearts of many of our guests.


Skye is another of our lookers. Big, beautiful and bay he stands out fantastically on the pans and there is nothing he loves more than having a good canter across them. He is a cheeky boy with plenty of character and won’t be afraid to mug you of any food you might be eating near him. If Skye went to school he’d definitely have been a popular kid in the ‘Jock’ clique.


Pedro; bringing a touch of Spain to Botswana! He is ‘our internet bargain’. Pedro was the first internet purchase to be made by the Foots – always a risk but luckily this one paid off! When he first stepped off the truck he wasn’t quite what the internet photo had implied; he was horribly underweight and shy. However with a bit of TLC he has shaped up to make a great safari horse.


Bruce started his career in the Tuli Block at Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris and arrived in our hands as a seasoned safari horse. Bruce definitely chose the right career path; he LOVES a safari! Forward going and fun his enthusiasm is infectious and you can’t help getting off him after a day in the pans with a massive grin.


Pasop came to us as a throw in to go with Speed-Bomb. He’s a sensitive  soul old Pasop – quite shy and nervous with people on the ground but once you’re on board he makes a fab lead horse. He is used by the guys as their main guide horse around the Royal Tree Lodge.